Monday, August 20, 2007


Is not the option
But it is the fear.
Fear or defeat
Or fear of defeat
Which one destroys man?
Man - emblem of
Darwin's success!
Then how can defeat
Be an option?
Birth is the
Ultimate Victory.
And so is Death!
Then what else
To fear?
What else to testify?
Live each moment
As if it is the last!
Sing, laugh, jump
Dance, love and live
Live life!

Friday, August 10, 2007


Tired and sleepless.
Long nights.
Haunting and suffocating.
But the moon,
Still stands.
But for What?
Perhaps nocturnal!
Whole world sleeps.
Then why not Evil.
Perhaps dreams are awake.
And thus man's blood-sight!
Corruption, murder, evil
Reigns the dark nights.
Yet an innocent
Strand of leaf
With hopes in heart
Stared at the darkness,
And so did I !

( the picture is taken by Ron, who reigns my second level of conciousness. Perhaps that is why these words came into my mind unarranged and unkempt but not meaningless!)