Friday, November 16, 2007

At last....

Whoosh! I thought I was going through a "writer's block" yet I discovered that it was lack o' time!
Perhaps this phase of my not posting any blog was the most eventful days of this dying year. Durga puja made me meet the memories of my school days with my friends with whom what i did on saptami can be descripted in one word as mosti ( in that gud ol' verbatim). What I remember is maddox square, we are 7 of us, totally outta control with bhepu and bubble making thing setting the trend of paglami!
The days after were equally colourful and exciting. Don't remember the very details of them though!
Remarkable events that reigned my holidays were Rizwan-Priyanka story, the movie Saawariya, the MahaMichheel and the most elusive results of our Part II exam! A lot to write n to critize...... (pls bear with me :-) )

Starting with the most talked about Rizwan-Priyanka stroy. Oops it's bit too much of a taboo..better not to have a opinion of it, who knows this blog-post of mine may be flashed in media then! Lolz (he he he)

Moving on to the most low rated SLB production movie Saawariya! Not many have seen it though. My post may help them decide!
It is indeed a very slow, sordid and bluish ( strictly to be taken literally) film. The wardrobe of the girl comprises of clothes of a thousand shades of blue in black! And the guy is more girlish!
Inspite of these, I liked the movie! It depicts a fantastic-practical world in which there are no bollywoodish twists and no happily-living-ever-after kind of ending. The dreamy part of it was very petite n innocent yet over all it had a touch of pathos!

Okay, now comes the MahaMichheel! Being very candid, I supported the cause but not the way!
No more criticism on this because the motif was good! [:)]

Finally n finally.... the saga of world's most delayed result. Just as an introduction to those who are not among the victims like us, our examination began in June and ended in August! The copies, even if they are mugged up and researched upon by the examiners, should get corrected by the end of 2 months! But the reality remains that our copies are not even looked-through properly, though this sometimes help[:P]! Then why on earth the results are getting delayed as if a baby will celebrate his first birthday and then come out of the womb! [:X]



Will now write regularly ( mind you, REGULARLY)...pls do read n do comment guys !
Muah n Bye!!