Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pigs have wings

Twiggy lives in the leafy corner
Of a pink-flowered lawn.
He wished to fly
And fly till the dawn.

Twiggy the piggy was fat,
Eating and sleeping all day
Glancing at Biggie, his friend
Who lived a foot away!

Biggie was a sad piggy
Who failed to fly.
He is always sacred
And never does he try.

Every day Twiggy tried
Wishing to kiss the blue sky-
Believing he has wings
He was certain that he would fly!

On fine morning we woke up,
He found himself in the air.
Thinking that he is flying-
He sang lord's prayer.

His stomach chruning,
His head a lil' dizzy,
"Twiggy is flying" he shouted!
Biggie, but, was all tizzy!

"My friend is stupid" Biggie thought -
"Pigs never fly!
If pigs had wings,
Wouldn't I try!"

"Once I too tried" -
Said Biggie crying,
"But if you want life,
You have to be complying!"

Twiggy closed his eyes,
Enjoying up in the air.
Till he saw a man-
With an angry glare!

Flight crashed and hit hard,
Thrown in the back of the car.
Twiggy knew the strange pang
And he stared blankly afar!