Friday, May 23, 2008


remain happy these days. Don't know why, but I do! Enjoying every moment as it comes to the very bit of it. Smiles and giggles paving my way. Laughing away all the pains and agonies with totally meaningless PJs! Suddenly everything around me has become rosy and pleasant. Life is playing a different music altogether. Music that brings joy!

It is like knowledge coming in a flash :
MishtiZaa: LIFE??? :(
Someone: Yes LIFE !! :)
MishtiZaa (realizes) : hmmm, LIFE :D!!!
So am indebted to that someone!

I feel proud of being myself. Proud of every little qualities I bear. Proud of being a bit too girlish! :D Recollections, debates about now-a-days-burning-topics, vulgarities, bad jokes right in the middle of a serious-talk and what not! Discovering new aspects that was dormant in these 20 years that I spent. Thinking simple and short. I don't feel the brutal weight of growing up anymore. So what if I grow up, I still am the same person as I always was. I feel special. What else do you need when you are regarded as someone's BEST friend. I don't ! These days I just smile and smile..... like this -> :D!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Lonely verses and aloof words
Unarranged emotions.
Blank and blatant
Remains the residue of life!
Thought faces the dead-end
And mind becomes numb.
We sit being at odds
With our own alter-self!
Perception of the wrong
Becomes cloudy and equivocal
When we leave ourselves
Amidst the long dark way
Just a little behind
From where we can see the dawn!
A little more could we walk
A little more could we hope.
Devil inside dragging us behind,
A little more could we fight!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Blue n White

When my days started off with blue skirt, white shirt and a red belt, life was perhaps much simpler and synonymous to fun. When we started growing up, both in grades and mind, one such fine morning brought two persons who became what we were taught in much lower standards, F.R.I.E.N.D.S!! One was an unruffled, naive and a sweet lass and another was unpredictable, unlawful and a bit messed up! Just for the convenience of reading rest of the post let's name them. The former one be, hmmm... penguin and the latter one be Billy! :D
Ups and downs, heap of problems and quarrels yet one or two sweet smiles paved our way through the lanes of our school. A school-life which witnessed almost every uncomplicated yet tangled situations. Penguin was always kind of away from any chaos, yet supporting every troubled soul with all her might! The good-homework-doer and the tall-girl was always there by my side whenever I planned a prank on someone! The criminal-brain was mine and the post-crime-healer was her. A typical Sagittarian and mild personality with a EXTREMELY high pitched voice! :P
I still remember all her bashings and encouragements for me to do my homeworks IN TIME!
Oh yes, she's an awesome artist and drew her heart away to glory. Be it drawing classes or Hindi handwriting, she was the BEST! Okay enough of penguin-saga.... now it's time for Billy.
Ahemmm..... Billy was not my friend at the beginning. We started off with severe [ mind you, SEVERE] grudges against each other. Reasons not relevant!
One whole year witnessed the tit-for-tats and though innocent, but behind back games!
But I still don't figure out how we became, what I mentioned as F.R.I.E.N.D.S and that to so much gradually that I didn't even realize till the day I left school. We never had much of SWEET memories but we do have memories a lot viz. starting from the "scandals" of science class to Sanskrit tuitions, from chatting for hours o'er the net to SARKAR! :D Okay that’s it, I really don't have much memories to share actually... Billy was a subtle but inevitable friend in school. Perhaps he is even that one person with whom I fought the most. I don't think that there is anyone else in my life with whom I spent so much of negative days as I did with him.
But after all, the blue remained blue and the white remained white. Memories of blue n white days were the most colorful ones I have ever had. I just have one question unanswered now and that is Why do we grow up and leave all those days behind?