Sunday, August 24, 2008

After a long time

i am writing again. Past couple of months deserved much more than 24 hours a day. The cover story being my academics. 3 years of mental torture yielded a degree and a black hat on my head. "Graduate" is the new adjective. The sadist side of me pushed me into another two years of higher degree torture after which I will be master of something [comp. sc. in this case]. These days when I see a small figure wearing some uniform and running with a bag on its back which is in fact bigger, a chill runs down my spine thinking about the two terrifying board exams and then the various consecutive onslaughts that is awaiting its way! :D
Pondering on the other happenings in these months, I see myself with increasing dimensions like an air balloon - my room becoming more and more messy day by day - my pc breaking down every now and then and putting all the work load on my lappy - my maid taking unusual long breaks making me do all household stuffs - ending with our apartment being painted after some six years and it looks like a new bride now!
Moving on to the most exciting and pleasant episode.
Spending the whole nights over phone, playing antakshari and me shrugging off in the mid of the game, planning for coming days, "discussing" about music where the discussion stops very soon and I find myself totally shut up while the other end of the vodafone kolkata-bangalore line wrecks thier nerves on the non stop lectures, hearing all-enthusiastic-reports on cricket and responding to it as POLITELY as possible....all this and more were flashing by my mind when I was waiting in music world for Avi to arrive. Following few days were the most story-like days I have ever spent in my life. Our hangouts were almost all over the city starting from princep ghat till tobin road (sorry,only kolkatans can figure out :P).
I got my arm burnt by half consumed gold-flake. Roamed around city centre when it was declared red alert. Helped the coffee-day owner earn a million more. City cab-drivers almost became our kins. Fought over travelling by metro or road. I learned how to talk to people - anyone and everyone - as if they are a part of your family. Hassling over his career plans which got on his nerves just after even a minute of discussion. Finally spending two most difficult days when Avi was in Yashwantpur Express and I was flipping through the pages of an old novel.
We spent this couple of weeks after almost half a decade, yet I never could feel any gap. It was like we will become the same old KVite if we are dressed up in navyblue-white. Perhaps that how friendships in school are forged and thats why we are bestfriends....