Tuesday, July 31, 2012


With silent footsteps on the way
Love breezed near.
Losing myself
In its wonder,
I lost myself in the silence.
Uncrowned it remained,
Unthroned it departed.
Chasing with my being-
To find love dreaming,
Dreaming inchoate.
Lost it was then
In the darkness of the night.
The dimming lamp-
At the end of the road,
Is it a crimson mirage?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Old Notes

I was wandering through some pre-historic e-mails and notes. I found sweet and smiling memories ready to take me back in time and recall those precious years and days. I would preserve it for future, when times will be tough and there would be complains and regrets. These would show me the light from the end we started to walk in. All the things I am saying and will say are dedicated to a very special person.

I know this creature since 8th standard in school and from then on he has done nothing else than getting on my nerves more and more....
He was short-tempered with a give-a-damn attitude in almost everything around him which was stacked on with other unwanted vices! On the other side of this devil resides a great friend and a once-good-singer! In good mood he laughs at everyhing meaningful and meaningless but if you catch him in a bad phase... ahem.... you've got to have loads of patience, effort and things suchlike to bring him back to his self! Did I mention that he is always confused? well, well, I've completely loved knowing this guy and I hope this is gonna continue as his madness does! Wish him Smiles, like this -> :D

All I want to say
Is thank you,
For being by my side
In those dark days.
For sprinkling some smiles
And happiness here and there,
I wish our bond strengthens
And happily forever it stays!
Luv u always....

Embodiment of Genuinity and a guy who can show you how to live life. I am Lucky to have him by my side. All the fights and all the craziness we do reminds me of all those precious moments we have had and mark new moments which I am sure to cherish later in life. I learn so many things in so many new ways. Sweets, you have completely changed the shades of my life and have put sparkling colors all around. Wish you all the good for all the days we are going to spend ahead. I am so sure that you are going to be an exemplary human being! Luv u always!

Writing for you again! It still seems to be just yesterday when in the middle of the night, without seeing each other for more than triple of years, we decided to stand for each other for the rest of our lives. From a no-one to a rival, from a rival to a friend, from a friend to best-friend, from best-friend to an unnamed bond and now, after sailing through all the mighty waves we, together gaze towards the coming days holding each other no matter what. There are a handful of people who have known me as much as you do. Yet, every morning it seems that it is just yesterday. A priceless companion is what you are to me. Life is there because you are there. A little brave hope is what we need and I am certain that we will even victor upon those four grave years coming our way. Never leave my hand as always remember that someone is blindly walking with you, assured that no matter what, this guy is going to be there with me always!
Luv you sweets!

I still do.

p.s. These are not so private because they were rescued from various un-private publications.