Monday, March 3, 2008

Hidden Treasure

We have a treasure that belongs to us alone!
Our own individual characteristics. Our individuality is what forms the basis of our character. Because of our individuality we have a way of life and mission that is ours alone! Our individuality is something special and singularly our own. No one else can posses that!
It is part of our very being, something we exude naturally, without thinking about.
Life is about expressing and developing that individuality as fully as possible or it can be coined as self-realisation.
The fact that we have been born into this world means that we have a unique mission to fulfill. If we didn't, we would never have been born. The universe does nothing in vain.
Everything has meaning.
Each living thing has its own unique identity, role and purpose.
There is no point in a plum trying to be a berry. The plum should bloom like a plum, revealing its unique characteristics to the very fullest. Not only does doing so accord with reason, it is the right path to happiness and fulfillment in life! That makes life interesting. How dull things would be if we were all alike. :)