Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pigs have wings

Twiggy lives in the leafy corner
Of a pink-flowered lawn.
He wished to fly
And fly till the dawn.

Twiggy the piggy was fat,
Eating and sleeping all day
Glancing at Biggie, his friend
Who lived a foot away!

Biggie was a sad piggy
Who failed to fly.
He is always sacred
And never does he try.

Every day Twiggy tried
Wishing to kiss the blue sky-
Believing he has wings
He was certain that he would fly!

On fine morning we woke up,
He found himself in the air.
Thinking that he is flying-
He sang lord's prayer.

His stomach chruning,
His head a lil' dizzy,
"Twiggy is flying" he shouted!
Biggie, but, was all tizzy!

"My friend is stupid" Biggie thought -
"Pigs never fly!
If pigs had wings,
Wouldn't I try!"

"Once I too tried" -
Said Biggie crying,
"But if you want life,
You have to be complying!"

Twiggy closed his eyes,
Enjoying up in the air.
Till he saw a man-
With an angry glare!

Flight crashed and hit hard,
Thrown in the back of the car.
Twiggy knew the strange pang
And he stared blankly afar!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Oh the homeless, the permanence
And the voyager -
Splashed in the raging stream,
Where do you hide?
The loud screaming wind -
Be Gentle,
Summoning whom 
In this lonely infinite?
Oh the brimful river,
Trembling impatience,
Clouding the banks!
The dormant little drops
Thunder the sky aloud -
They are sparkling 
Gorgeous blue!
The homeless, the permanence 
Nor the voyager,
Neither there are, 
Stars in the nightly black!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gift of Cheesecake by Uncle Failure

In a comprehensive manner I (purely out of my own personal experience) hereby list out the following benefits of failure -

1) The knowledge of what I cannot do

2) The knowledge of what others can which I can't

3) How far behind I am from the last person in the race that I can almost lead the next group

4) What I have been doing is not my best but much less than what I can still make out

5) I have started waking up at a decent time in the morning and work till a little late

6) At last I am sincere in life (ummm... yes I can say that) :)

7) People say I am losing weight (walah!!!)

8) At the rock bottom, I have nothing to lose, so I am super tension free :)

9) The already there bad habits are walking out of life.
    (....yeah...... I know.... but blogging is not a bad habit, come on!)

Finally)  Everyday I get to know how much more I could have done and have had a nice time now - but at the same time I would not have had the life's most precious benefits which I have just enumerated :)


Saturday, January 29, 2011


A short film. Features in Schweppes Short Film Festival. Of many short films I am watching these days, this one is one of the best. The background score/track is involving and holds the viewers' attention aptly. The film depicts the human instinct towards communication. Relationship between two person is merely influenced by time and words. This is the crux. it is all about communicating with a person freely without holding ourselves back. Important, though, is not to have any prejudices outlook. So, sit back, watch and Enjoy!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Tensed Me

They don't only haunt your nights but also has a role-playing in your daily life. I say this today not because of the reason that sometimes I want to talk nonsense. This year twenty eleven has been one of such kind. It seems that dark scary UFOs are hovering over me and my life. When I spot one and try to run away hiding from it, I end up being the target of another. :( Poor ME!
Oh shut up.. Its no use being such a cry baby myself. My mentor says that we must remember that we alone are the scriptwriter's of our lives. It gives you power to take control of your life.
Actually, the UFOs are even following in my sub-conscious mind. I see post-night-movie shows. Movies are chiefly scientific fiction and thriller depicting my inner dark self. Did I mention that these movies make my dreams...Yes I "dream" them
The scariest was the one I saw last night.
A more or less barren land with scorching sun up in the sky. Some rude (you could say just by looking at their faces) people, actually three of them, as far as I remember. We, I and many other people like me were standing as if in some kind of punishment. Indeed it was. The super-bad guy suddenly declared that one of us would be killed. Since it was MY dream, the focus was obviously myself and I became that unfortunate one. I was taken away from the group by one of the other bad guys. He held a weapon (like a kitchen knife) in his hands. I was angry more than scared (don't know why). Hence it follows. I snatched the weapon and put it into my own head. (haha, thankfully it was just a dream, **phew**)
My head ached and I fell down. Someone dragged me to some secluded dilapidated room. I thought to myself, What is actually the reason for all this I don't know!!
Right then, I heard from afar the super bad-guy screaming "Alright, for the rest of you, you will be downgraded to masters"!!

[to some of you it might not make any sense, but to people whom it does, I am sure you can connect to the mental tension I tried to describe :) ]