Monday, October 6, 2014


I can hear
Someone's footstep
In your heart.
The last bell
Of the Day -
When will you return home?
The clock strikes one
I did not eat,
Are you here yet?
I can see
Someone's smile
On your lips.
Why don't you laugh with me anymore?
Love, that I had,
Is scattered 
Like the last leaves
Of fall.
Would you pick one,
Keep it in the pages
Of your favourite book?
Years will pass,
And it will dry
Leaving a mark
On that page of your favourite book.
Some day
When you are happy
With someone's smile,
When you are dancing
With someone's rhyme,
Would you open that page
And spare a moment
On that leaf,
Of my once love?
Would you then know,
That I loved you the most?
And would you then want
To asphyxiate time?