Sunday, October 5, 2014

Finishing Line

Walls around me
Crumbling down
I wake up every morning
To a dull sun
And a silent clown.
I don't find my way
Where is that lane?
Should I trace back
And start again?
Tell me when I am wrong,
Tell me I am bad
Tell me that I am cruel
I took away all you had?
Those days of dream
Days of love and sleep
We are together now
For a decade of time!
And a separation of
Pain and a thousand mile.
Have you been asleep?
And awake in your dreams?
Why then are we crying
Tears of endless nights of tire
Days are gone
Nights too
You say never and forever
Now, what do i do?
The truth is I never had
Someone like you
Someone with love
Someone carrying me
And yet again I lose
I lose you to me